Wto Trade Facilitation Agreement Full Text

1.1 Members agree on the importance of ensuring that distributors are aware of their compliance obligations, promoting voluntary compliance so that importers can correct themselves without penalty in appropriate circumstances, and applying compliance measures to take more stringent measures against non-compliant distributors. 14. Developing country Members and least-developed country Members that intend to receive trade facilitation assistance and capacity-building support provide the Committee with information on the points of contact of the office(s) responsible for coordinating and prioritizing such assistance and services. 7.1 Each Member shall provide for additional trade facilitation measures related to the import, export or transit formalities and procedures referred to in paragraph 7.3 for operators meeting certain criteria, hereinafter referred to as “authorized operators”. Alternatively, a Member may propose such trade facilitation measures under customs procedures generally accessible to all economic operators and shall not be required to introduce a separate regime. (iii) Members should also promote internal coordination among their trade and development officials, both in capitals and in Geneva, in the implementation of this Agreement and technical assistance. 3. The expert group shall be composed of five highly qualified independent persons in the fields of trade facilitation and capacity building, support and assistance. The composition of the expert group ensures a balance between nationals of developing countries and members of industrialized countries.

Where a member of the least developed country is involved, the group of experts shall be composed of at least one national of a member of a least developed country. If the Committee is unable to agree on the composition of the expert group within 20 days of its establishment, the Director General, in consultation with the chair of the committee, shall determine the composition of the expert group in accordance with this paragraph. Each Member shall, where appropriate, hold regular consultations between its border agencies and professionals or other stakeholders in its territory. (c) the Member terminates or suspends the communication or direction without delay if the circumstances that led to it no longer exist or if the modified circumstances can be dealt with in a less restrictive manner; and 2. Each Member shall cooperate, to the extent possible and to the extent possible, on mutually agreed terms with other Members with which it shares a common border in order to coordinate procedures at border crossing points in order to facilitate cross-border trade. .

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