Tile Agreement Deutsch

2.3 The user is obliged to keep secret his own password, for which he is solely responsible, and not to disclose to anyone. The username and password are used to enter the personal area inside the software and are set during the initial registration. Access to and use of the Software is subject to the rules set forth in this Agreement. The user must immediately inform the provider in case of loss or theft of the username and password. In the case of standard tile holders without a drainage base, the tile holder often works on the edge of the lid or the tiles in the laying area end up at different heights. These too are usually available in black, and the look is very obvious. The new AquaDrain® FF Fugenfix tile holders have a shaped and perforated base. This ensures that the coatings are fixed at the same height and that they also stay away from one another. In addition, the tile spacer cannot work upwards. Holes in the base element also prevent the formation of a film of water and the formation of wet spots. Thanks to its transparent design, the tile distances are very discreet and almost invisible during installation.

1.2 Software: The online interior design software called TilePlanner (and any custom versions or updates) allows the user to design spaces, tiled walls and floors with reference materials, as well as place in the room furniture elements from the catalogs available in the software. Among the available configurations of the software, you can also register and log in to save projects, access your project gallery and update your profile. 4.7 In any case, the user may not request a refund of all or part of the amount already paid (if any), even in the event of termination or termination of the contract, subject to clause 5. 7.2 Any translation of the Italian language, Italian law and judicial agreement is provided only for the sake of simplicity and the user agrees: that in case of conflict between the translated version and the original version, the Italian version takes precedence. . . .

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