End User Licence Agreement Apple

Here`s the NBA`s “license agreement” text, as a user will: If you`re designing a custom EULA agreement to replace Apple`s default agreement, your main clauses may include: If the transactions in eula agreements and their above clauses mean something, you need to tailor the agreement to your industry and the functionality of your iOS app. While this may seem like a good way to streamline 2 legal agreements into 1 single agreement, it may prevent you from being more specific about using and terminating the license. An EULA agreement allows users to download your app to their iPhone or iPad and use the app, but never re-sequence, copy, or develop parts of the app for their personal benefit. In principle, it is stipulated that users acquire the right to use your application without acquiring any ownership rights. The Application Provider or Apple (“Licensor”) reserves any rights to the Licensed Application that are not expressly granted to you in accordance with this default ITA. If you sign up for an Apple App Store account to distribute your app, an EULA is already available for your app, even if you don`t have such a legal agreement. You must comply with the applicable third party contractual terms if you are using the Application [DN: Application Name]. . .


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