Ec Collective Agreement Retroactive Pay

Access our summary of all the new provisions of the EC collective agreement. Workers who start their parental leave before the signing of the new collective agreement are subject to the remuneration provisions of the old collective agreement, and those who start parental leave on or after the date of signature are subject to the remuneration rules of the new collective agreement. Workers must opt for standard or extended leave before the start of parental leave, and once this decision is made, it is irrevocable. Parents who were already on leave at the time the new contract was signed cannot opt for another option. In addition to the retroactive monetary provisions, the new terms of the contract will enter into force on the date of signature. The latest EC collective agreement contains updated provisions: we are pleased to inform you that the CAPE EC bargaining team and the TBS bargaining team met today to sign the newly ratified collective agreement for the CE group. As of today, the new provisions will apply, with the usual exception of remuneration. Please note that special provisions have been negotiated during the current cycle to address the issue of implementing retroactive compensation and adjusting salary scales. If a worker opts for the option of extended parental leave under EI and begins his leave before the signing of the collective agreement, he receives an additional allowance equal to 93% of his weekly rate of pay for all weeks during which he takes parental leave and receives a maximum amount of 37 weeks. If the worker remains unemployed during extended parental leave, the allowance expires after a maximum of 37 weeks. However, the AR will continue until the employee returns to the workplace or the EI benefit expires. The most recent agreement was signed in August 2019 and applies until 21 June 2022. Negotiator: UNIFOR Date of expiry of the collective agreement: 30 June 2022 Dispute settlement mechanism: direction of arbitration The Treasury has 180 days from the date of signature of the new collective agreement for: The total amount of maternity, parental and paternity leave, which is entitled to a pension, is 180 weeks, if both parents are employed in the public service. .

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