Cufa Collective Agreement Concordia

Subject to the above agreement, the employer has no other immediate commercial interest, unless the Member acts a posteriori or takes a step towards the commercialization of the invention, which makes the provisions of the Agreement in the form of Annex 10B fully effective, as if the Member had initially decided to commercialize immediately in point 27.14.b). The member shall inform the Research Office in writing of the change in intent. 41.01 Members covered by this Agreement are entitled to participate in the Concordia University Benefits Program, in accordance with the conditions set out therein, including: (b) the employer and the member shall then enter into an agreement as defined in Annex 10A to define the conditions for possible protection and commercialization of the invention and to distribute the net proceeds in accordance with Article 27.18(a) or Article 27.18(c), as appropriate.

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