Civ 5 Research Agreement War

1) One unit per tile: Yes, the biggest change in Civilization 5 is ultimately the biggest design error. This will be a controversial point, because I know that many people really appreciate the new combat system, but it must be said: the one unit Per Tile limitation is the central problem with the design of Civ5. Everything is based on this restriction. All. It determines how urban production works, it determines the pace of research, it explains why tile yields are so low. Civilization has been rewritten from background to time to use the limit of one unit per tile for gameplay. Luddite wrote the best summary on how and why this system doesn`t work, so I`ll have it explained before I continue: Still, I feel like it`s an overnerf for the library. The problem was not the building itself; The real problems were that the Great Scientists were too strong (can you launch any technology immediately?!), all the Non-Scientists Great People were too low, and the yields of local tiles were so bad that they favored the game of mass specialists. Firaxis did nothing to compensate the Great People or change the yields of the tiles, and instead chose a massive library nerve. It solves the problem a bit, because the waaaaaaaay search lets go too fast even without overflow, but it cuts all the games of specialists until the game is actually half finished.

I think that is a bad solution. There must be a better solution than this. War is an integral part of the game and it`s not something that can get upset. You`ve just unleashed your troops and you`re fighting. Note that when war is declared, all allies on pages automatically enter the war. If one of the parties forms new allies, if the war is already underway, the new allies also immediately enter the war. All trade agreements and agreements between the parties on that date will be automatically terminated. Obviously, I raced with the leading Civs here at the immortal difficulty level, and I still had plenty of room for other expansions. One of the pop-up messages had even classified me in the technology with the AI Civs, all were in 2-3 “totally techs researched” of each other. (Here`s another good question: Why can`t I ever see what other leaders` technologies are? Why do I have to rely on a random pop-up message that may or may not appear every 50 rounds?!) With AI`s inability to go to war, they wouldn`t conquer me, and there was no way I would lose because of space or diplomacy against an AI.

But the game seemed just like that. boring. There were no interesting choices for me to make, no real compromises to compensate. I just had to keep building cities, growing up and keeping the level of happiness in the greenery. .

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