Shpock Sale Agreement

The above liability limitations include claims against Shpock employees or representatives, as well as against Shpock`s licensees and their licensees or Shpock licensees and their licensees. Shpock Services may be subject to an underlying licensing agreement. The licensee`s liability is based on the license agreement concerned. I`ve posted my articles on shpock for sale, but they`re not displayed on shpock if searched on another account Because of the ease with which you can list items, it`s definitely worth taking some pictures and always your junk goods online in minutes. For timers who want to quickly relocate a certain number of goods without engaging in a longer and more detailed sales process, there are some advantages. I have good experiences with buying and selling, but mostly because the items were only collection and quite local. Think you need to be careful and deal with people who have a good reputation from previous sales, etc. and provide detailed descriptions/photos. If it`s too good to be true, then think twice. Don`t track how “delivery for £4.10” works. Customer service is useful.

Litigations which, in my experience, are just as difficult to correct on ebay and at least are not charged as a percentage of the sale price or, first of all, announce all Shpock`s terms of use are concluded on the basis of these general terms of sale. In all cases where these terms and conditions of sale are not regulated, Shpock`s terms and conditions apply. There are no additional written or written agreements. The conditions are governed by Austrian law, with the exception of the Right to Sell of the United Nations and the Reference Standards (IPRG, EV, etc.). The exclusive court is the competent jurisdiction in Vienna, Austria. If a provision of these Terms and Conditions is ineffective and/or incomplete, it is replaced by the provision closest to its economic impact. If certain provisions of these Terms and Conditions do not comply with mandatory legal provisions, this does not affect the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions. Shpock Motor customers are required to comply with data protection rules in the European Union and the United Kingdom and may not violate applicable legal or regulatory rules, intellectual property rights or other third-party rights.

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