Iron Mountain Customer Agreement

First move boxes. The boxes contained in the first move of the debtor and/or debtor suppliers. Hold Code. A record management tool that allows the customer to manage/prevent the provision of data sets for boxes, services, registration services or accounts. See data code and retention schedule. A regular pickup. A service where Iron Mountain items are picked up from a customer`s site and transported to an Iron Mountain facility. Transportation from your site to Iron Mountain is usually done by regular pickup service, which is usually done on a fixed weekly schedule. You can request a Rush – Business Day pick-up service if you need a faster pickup. Conservation calendar. An information management tool that allows the client to lay a foundation for company-wide data management policies. Check out best practices for corporate data retention policies published on the Iron Mountain Connect system.

See Hold Code and Registration Code. Management, risk and compliance fees: a monthly fee per account for governance, risk and compliance services, as well as maintenance and management services. Governance, risk and compliance services include Policy Center Essential, an information risk assessment tool, and information management courses at our Information and Business Academy. For more information on these governance, risk and compliance services, see Maintenance and management services include the availability of clocktime call centres, Iron Mountain Connect™ and standard Report Centre reports. These maintenance and management services were previously billed separately as administrative fees. agreement. The agreement between Iron Mountain and its customer, which usually consists of a base rate of terms and conditions, a price plan (often referred to as “Calendar A”) and the glossary that defines the terms used in the price plan and service descriptions. In the event of inconsistency between the components of the agreement, the terms of the basic agreement prevail over the terms of the price plan and the glossary; and the terms of the price plan prevail over the terms of the glossary.

packet. A bag, envelope or container to carry individual files safely. In cases where customers send files to Iron Mountain that are not contained in a cardboard box or in cases where Iron Mountain returns a file to the customer via a file call, Iron Mountain inserts the file into a package.

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