Boyertown Collective Bargaining Agreement

. The estimated value of the administrator and teacher services provided by the Boyertown School District (BASD) is shown below. These estimates are based on figures from the NCES Finance Survey (2012). The total number of lecturers, coordinators and teaching assistants is presented in the table below. The total number of administrators and assistants working for the Boyertown Area School District (BASD) is shown in the table below. Boyertown Area School District (BASD) operates 10 schools with more than 400 teachers. Salaries of the following teachers and administrators in the Boyertown Area School District (BASD). The data comes from several sources. Note: The information below is only for informational purposes and, for official information, please contact the school district directly. See how other neighbouring school districts are being compared in terms of teaching and employment opportunities: Source: Local Education Agency (District School District) Finance Survey (F-33) Data (2012) The tables below show the number of teachers, administrators and support officers employed by the Boyertown Area District School (BASD).

This information is obtained through a self-reported investigation of the NCES Universe survey. Post and 100 job tips with a deposit: Click here to post a job. Browse job opportunities in and around Boyertown Area School District. Source: National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), CCD Local Education Agency (School District) Universe Survey 2014 Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2013, MSA: Reading, SOC Codes: 25-2011, 25-2012, 25-2021, 25-2022, 25-2031, 27-2022, 25-3098, 25-9041 Click on the city name to view the list of schools in that city. . Based on data from the 2014 NCES School District survey, boyertown Area School District (BASD) manages 10 schools. These schools and their contact details are listed below. For more information about each school, click on the school link. The boundaries of the Boyertown Area School District (BASD) and surrounding areas are shown in the map below. See average salary details of school administrators and reading support staff below. The table below shows the average teacher content, which is reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for the reading area and the environment.

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