Network Services Agreement Rm1045

41 Benefits of a Direct Award Quick – Flexible Process OJEU complies without additional competition Compliance with the rules by a fair and transparent evaluation of service offerings, preconditions available for all 10 without a contract and for cross-checks 41 14 Almost, efficient and easy to use The rapid supply of networked services, supported by: OJEU-compliant procurement framework, the need to implement costly and time-consuming OJEU procurement processes, supplier capacity and pre-tested financial capacity – simply “disable” the framework to meet your requirements? You can manage the allocation from the catalog in hours and not in months directly No limit to the frequency of the agreement 14 76 76 Future Service Instructions to use your future requirement “recover” … Suppliers / Market Requirements – Do not aggregate components unnecessarily: correct product, good supplier, fair price – Consider “agency services” for complex and stratified service requirements – Try to provide non-specific results and technologies – Respect policy, As cloud First – Digital by Default – Applying the required network security requirements – Resilience Options – PSN v Private Backbone v Internet Service Levels – Can have a significant impact on pricing – Successful implementation by Service Transfer Credit Plans – Remember to plan how, at the end of the agreement, the Commercial Crown Service 1045 Network Services Framework was introduced in August 2015. The framework agreement replaces three existing regulations: 5 goals for the day Today we want you to go with: An overview of the benefits of collaboration with CSC An understanding The next steps for the use rm1045 Network Services Tomorrow, we`d like you: spread the word on CCS – network services team Enjoy the RM1045 Network Services Convention Official name: Ideal Restricted NetworksThe address: 8 Arundel Place,Town: BrightonPostal code: BN2 1GDCountry: United Kingdom CCS The customer service team is available Monday to Friday, available from 9am to 5pm. 18 18 Introduction RM1045 Network Services directly replaces: RM860 PSN Connectivity RM1498 PSN Services RM1035 Telephony Services All telephony agreements (GTC/ Telecommunication Networks / GCF / MTCF / BTUs) RM1045 Network Services supports new technologies and new technologies: old and old legacy technologies (such as ISDN, xmail and BT VLB) Automatically replace new technologies in the scope (z.B. 5G) RM1045 Network Services introduces developed processes and concepts: Structuring the lot definition and setting up the vendor capacity Management of customer ordering procedures catalog 30 Use Dialogue and Further Competition – for something … NSF allows you to establish a dialogue what you need to propose new working methods, new services or innovative models, but you need to understand the constraints of service types, understand what causes shorter pain, better requirements, clearer… 30 The use of the framework agreement entails shorter delays and costs for purchasing services: you do not need to make full purchases of ABl.EU, Crown Commercial Service has already done it for you. 26 We was psN governing body (PSNGB) Created to represent industry in development of PSN Standards Who we are now Trade body for networking and digital infrastructure suppliers Objective to make it easier to make business with the government Promote exploitation of technology for information sharing 26 There are ten lots within the framework: Access to data; Local connectivity Traditional telephony Incoming telephony IP telephony mobile voice and data services; paging services; Video conferencing Audioconferences; integrated communication.

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