Microsoft Planning Services Program Provider Agreement

Customers who spend less than $250,000 per year on Software Assurance without a Business Assistance Agreement (Premier/Unified) will be passed on to a partner for support, or they will be able to purchase professional assistance incidents at We are adapting the eligibility criteria and modifying support allocations from February 2022 to replace incident-based support with the necessary support and approval of Unified Support. Software Assurance customers no longer receive a limited number of assistance incidents based on expenses, type of contract and products, but instead receive the required support with insurance software of $250,000 or more per year. The Insurance-Support software offers a service for opening hours with a 24-hour response target. You must renew your requirements and re-register each year in service planning programs. All planning services and local interactions are available until January 2022, and you can continue to use your deployment planning days through the current qualified partner or Microsoft Consulting Services process to help you plan your deployment, whether local or hybrid. These structured interactions will help you plan for the availability of the latest Microsoft technology. Staff support: If you are not yet able to provide Assurance Planning Services software, take all the next steps. If you are already active in planning services (s), start each new commitment in step four (4) below. Everyone in your organization can benefit from training vouchers based on eligible training needs. The number of training days available varies depending on the licensing program and the number of qualifying licenses you have with Software Assurance. For more information, see Microsoft product conditions for the volume license. Software Assurance is included in some volume licensing programs and is an optional purchase with others.

You can buy Software Assurance via microsoft Partner through your volume license agreement. DYDPS provides in-depth evaluation and planning to help you update your CRM or ERP solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 or evaluate the upgrade path to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Commitments can help you check your business processes and understand what it takes to implement a Microsoft Dynamics solution that matches your specific considerations. During the engagement, Microsoft or Microsoft Consulting Services partners can help identify the most appropriate upgrade path, create a customized plan, and provide a concept project (based on commitment) to help you assess the benefits of the solution. Work with experts to get more benefits from your IT investment and optimize your implementations. If you have the supporting details, you can book the voucher and plan the planning operation. Detailed instructions on this in stage 5 of the workflow can be found in the partner center dashboard. With Lync – Exchange Deployment Planning Services (L-EDPS), global Knowledge can help customers achieve cost-effective IT productivity by taking them through the value planning and making the latest Microsoft Unified Communications solutions available in the cloud or in the field. Eligible customers can take advantage of their software insurance benefits to evaluate and plan the implementation of their 2010 Exchange Server or Lync Server 2010 servers. The Microsoft Products and Services Agreement is a unique purchase agreement that offers flexible options for your purchases of software, online services and insurance software throughout your organization.

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