Massachusetts Prenuptial Agreement Law

This “death gridlock” contained no recitation of Perry`s fortune, and although Charlotte`s lawyer encouraged her to put pressure on this information, she did not. In fact, Charlotte was not aware of Perry`s resources at the time of the implementation of the agreement. You may think your marital contract is boilerplate and iron. You and your spouse discussed the terms, worked out and signed a quick agreement. You may have even created your conjugal consent to the letter of the law, played according to the rules, and you have settled each box. So, is your marital arrangement infallible? It`s rare. Is that guaranteed? Never! A marriage contract is a written contract entered into by two persons prior to their marriage, which defines the obligations and rights of both parties at the time of divorce. Although many years ago, pre-marital agreements were generally considered against public order because they were thought to promote divorce, pre-marital agreements are now recognized by law in Massachusetts and relatively frequent. They`re not just for the super-rich or Hollywood stars. Pre-nup lawyer and massachusetts marriage contracts for Norfolk County, Middlesex County, Suffolk Conuty and Metropolitan Boston. Next Phase Legal LLC is located in Norfolk, MA. The Court could not find such a ground and set aside the decision of the estate court as it granted maintenance payments to the wife. Here there was no physical or mental deterioration of the woman.

She was self-sufficient during a period of separation prior to her marriage. The woman has a marital home valued at $1,275,000 and received $525,000 in cash. She was allowed to keep a large amount of the contents of the matrimonial home, including jewellery acquired since the marriage for a value of $US 74,000. Given the property granted to her, we cannot say that the agreement leaves the woman without ownership or support. Barbara was a very wealthy heir to an immense family heritage. David, on the other hand, had virtually no fortune, even though he was a medical student and probably had significant opportunities to earn money.

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