Declaration Of Conformity Agreement

Depending on the product`s guidelines, the content requirements for the notification may be different. The following example shows an example of compliance with the declaration of a product that must comply with the low voltage directive. Technical documentation is required to demonstrate that the product meets the essential requirements and, therefore, to justify and support an EU compliance statement. You need this documentation to put CE marking on the product. In order to ensure effective access to information for market surveillance purposes, the information needed to identify all applicable EU legal acts should be available in a single EU compliance statement. In order to reduce the administrative burden on economic operators, the eu single compliance declaration can be a file consisting of individual declarations of compliance. We also draw attention to the fact that the applicant is required to submit a declaration of compliance and evidence at the request of the federal authority responsible for implementing state control (control) over compliance with technical rules. The declaration of compliance must be prepared and signed by the person who is bringing the product to life in Europe, particularly by the manufacturer or importer of a product. This is a formal change to the compliance statement.

It is also used on the European Commission`s website. A certificate of compliance is a vehicle declaration by which the manufacturer declares that the vehicle complies with the approved type indicated. Sometimes, in a directive, you can`t find requirements for the DoC (for example. B, Directive 90/385/EEC on active implantable medical devices does not contain any requirements). For these guidelines, the harmonized standard EN-ISO/IEC 17050-1:2014 Supplier compliance statement can be used — Part 1: General requirements can be used. Compliance with harmonised standards is above all a presumption of compliance with the directive. If the applicant has a declaration of compliance (supplier statement) on the requirements of the technical regulation, he is not required to obtain an RTN authorization, but he does not exempt from the need to carry out the safety check at work. Platforms such as Amazon also require a declaration of compliance for certain product groups such as toys, batteries, chargers, lighting and kitchen utensils. This is part of Amazon`s pre-authorization process.

Amazon takes responsibility for ensuring that only safe products are sold on its platform. Since many sellers are not aware of their legal liability, Amazon wants them to be aware that as sellers, they are fully responsible for the product. If you are not able to make a (compliant) declaration, can you not sell your product on the platform or you might even be banned, the declaration of compliance is a document that must be signed by the manufacturer, stating that a particular product sold in the European Union meets the essential requirements of European product safety legislation. You must translate the EU declaration of compliance into the language or language required by the EU country in which your product is sold. Do you sell products on Amazon, export products to the EU, write user manuals or work in a company`s research and development department? Chances are you`ll have to look at a Compliance Statement (DoC). The applicant may apply to the certification body to complete a certificate instead of declaring compliance under the machines and/or equipment subject to technical requirements, including the absence or inadequacy of the applicant`s own evidence of compliance with technical regulations.

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