Air Canada Pilots Association Collective Agreement

“These amendments, voted and ratified by our pilots, underscore our pilots` focus on Air Canada`s successful business strategy to compete effectively in the highly competitive aviation industry and make reciprocal adjustments as the competitive environment develops,” said Benjamin Smith, President, Passenger Airlines at Air Canada. “Its success also highlights the transformational culture change underway at Air Canada, which makes the airline the world champion.” “These changes recognize the valuable contribution of our pilots and provide greater cost flexibility and competitiveness, further strengthening Air Canada`s ability to compete effectively in today`s global competitive environment,” said Benjamin Smith, President of Passenger Airlines at Air Canada. “I thank our respective teams for their discoveries and productive discussions that allow us to win as One Air Canada.” These amendments are the result of the periodic re-opening provisions adopted when the 10-year contract was concluded in October 2014. Due to the long-term nature of the historic 10-year agreement, these mandatory re-openings allow for adjustments to ensure that the agreement remains effective in supporting Air Canada`s strategic plan for profitable growth. It also means that a limited number of adaptations can be made to take advantage of market opportunities that may arise in the highly competitive aviation sector. The current 10-year contract provides for long-term work stability. In the event that all issues raised in the limited number of objects that can be reopened are referred to a mediator without the risk of a strike or lockout. The amendments also include a number of improvements for Air Canada pilots, including the terms of defined contribution plans and sick leave, as well as greater portability between Air Canada and Rouge. The changes support Air Canada`s strategic business plan for a profitable growth network, both for The Main Line and for Red in an appropriate manner, based on overall growth. In particular, the amendments provide Air Canada with the opportunity to expand Red`s North American fleet of narrow bodies, in a formula agreed upon by Air Canada pilots, which allows the airline to expand its presence in certain regional markets and effectively compete with low-cost North American carriers (ULCCs). MONTREAL, September 13, 2017 /CNW Telbec/ – Following the announcement of a successful amendment to Air Canada`s existing long-term employment contract with its 3,500 pilots, represented by the Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA), the carrier provides the following additional information.

MONTREAL, September 12, 2017 /CNW Telbec/ – Air Canada today successfully made changes to its existing long-term employment contract with its 3,500 pilots represented by the Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA). The changes to the 10-year agreement in October 2014 provide additional economic and operational flexibility, as well as improved cost competitiveness, while providing attractive career opportunities and other benefits for pilots.

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